Rock my world……

imageAll my life I have heard of love at first sight and I thought it was over rated and corny. Boy was I so wrong in so many levels. The minute I saw you I know what they meant.
How could somebody fall in love with just seeing someone?
But I did!
I have loved you since (well way before), I can’t help it, it just happen that way.
All my life I was always wondering what it would feel like to be in love or that how would you know when you do?
With you everything clicked into place, I know what it is to love without any limit or regret.
You have grown a root deep in my heart and there’s not a weed killer tough enough to kill that.
I know, I can never be enough but I’ll always be here for you loving you more than anyone else.
I know, that my words are simple but my feelings are not but I mean everything I say and I do from the bottom of my heart because,
You are my light
You are my home
You are my stars in the night.
You are my better half
You are my sanctuary
Your are my bearing heart
You are my peace
You are my hope
You are the air in my lungs
You taught me things that I need to know and you made me realise life is not just a simple song, it a master piece with you in it. You rock my world.
And I love love love you.


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