Our only clue …….

imageThere is no guide book to this game we call life. There are no wrong or right answers, our only clue to living life is our heart.
But what’s one heart without another?
You are my heart.
I really do swear our hearts are two parts of the same organ, I swear we are meant to be together, I can still feel it and I know that you felt it also.
You are the one I love with all my heart, you are my true love and you will be, until breath and life ends.
I remember everything about you, your cheeky grin, you beautiful smile, your handsome so handsome face, your soulful blue eyes, I remember the first time you called me.
I remember the first time you told me how much you loved me.
I remember the first time I told you how much you mean to my world.
I remember the first time I saw you, I remember the first time I looked in your eyes.
I remember the first time we kissed, I remember the first time you smiled at me.
I gave you my love. I gave you my heart and I still give it all.
You are my soul mate. No one has understood me in the way that only you can. I take comfort in knowing you loved me with my many insecurities and see beyond an often imperfect view. Words can’t express exactly how much you are loved but know I love you for the wondrous things that make you, you. When I was weak, you were strong. When I was hurt you were protective. When I felt at a loss you were what kept me grounded. I love you.
You are the man I desire to grow old with.
You will never be erased and nobody can fill the space you left. I will never ever stop loving you, never stop falling in love with you. I will always allow my heart to say your name and call out for you. I will always remember your touch, feel your kisses and will always keep you in my heart close and safe.


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