Looked on a face ……

imageI love you not because you loved me too. I love you not because i have to, but I love you because your you and too many miles separate us, and too many days have passed since I looked on a face with anything like your handsomeness.
I will always remember everything we’ve gone through, I know you have forgotten about me and believe that what we had was nothing, but I still love you and your still the one that my heart belongs to, it’s like this force shield!
I just love you and I hope that you could remember us and all the times we had.
You know what, the pain I feel inside seems incurable, I love you so much.
I know sometimes I’m not fun, or interesting, or pretty and I know things haven’t always been easy but my love for you, is so pure, so true, so loyal and no one will ever come close to loving you as much as I do.
I wish you believed the same as I do that, love is what’s important, that love can mend any bad situation and everything can be overcome with the love I feel for you.
I truly do love you Ross.


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