One road to recovery.

imageKind of a different post to what I have been writing lately.
Dont drop dead with shock as this isn’t about Love, broken hearts or Ross.

Today I started treatment, treatment that I really do not wish to be undertaking as to me, Life without him doesn’t seem to be worth fighting for.

So I get to the hospital this morning, I get called on time, shock horror, normally they are running late. Maybe my luck is in for once.

No …… I spoke to soon, I get a doctor who doesn’t understand english, and is standing in so knows very little about the treatment I am starting today.
She sits on you tube, trying to find out how they fit the implant that she is meant to injecting into my tummy.
Got to say, that put the fear into me, my god that needle looks huge.
After a good 10 minutes she decides to go and speck to someone and I’m told to go and wait for her in the subwaiting area.

10 minutes or so later and she returns with a nurse in tow, Im taken to a different room and told to get on the bed.
The nurse I must say is lovely and explains that it is going to be very painful and explains, when I have the next course, that it will be done in different areas as the scar tissue will be nasty.

Bless her, she agreed to me taking photos as I explained that after doing research on my treatment, that I found very little on-line and that I want to make an online diary of my treatment, in hope that it may help others who may need a little information. (maybe also because I feel like I have to prove everything these days)

Bracing myself for pain, she freezes the area and next thing I know is its over with.
Hmmmmm – no pain. feeling kinda brave and proud that I handled that without a flinch.
So off the bed I get and my knees go from under me, shocking pains in my tummy and I wanted to throw up.
Thank god it only lasted for a few minutes or so.
So I’m told to take myself home and to spend the next few days in bed, well that’s not going to happen, back into work for me this afternoon.
I guess now, I just have to wait for the side effects to kick in and feel like crap for the next month, until I have to go through it again.
My online diary I hope to get live within the next few days, depending on how I feel I may post little pieces of it here.
Until next time, have a good day guys. take care.


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