All my only dreams

imageLast night when I was sleeping, my mind was awake and thinking of you. I had the most amazing dream.
Your smile was bright, and shined from your eyes and it felt so good to feel your heart beat next with mine.
Eyes are said to be the core part of human beings to see but without the mind, the eyes tell a million truths and I know you could see the love I have for you in mine as I did in yours.
By the time I woke, my eyes were filled with tears and I knew it was only a dream, but at least I had you with me for a short time.
Your loving arms around me, holding me as close as you use to.
Your kisses on my neck as my knees went weak, as they always did, but we both know that just your smile made my knees weak.

So how could my heart not shatter more when I awoke and it was just a dream .
I miss those moments, I miss waking up with you and falling asleep with you but above all else I miss you for you.
The most amazing handsome man to ever walk this earth.
You truly are Ross.

I love you.


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