All the little things……

imageWhen it comes to memories it’s the little ones that matter.
One of my favorite memories is walking from yours into Bognor to catch the train.
Rain was pouring down on us and we were laughing, singing, and jumping in the puddles, splashing each other.
We were happy, holding hands and totally madly in love with each other.
I’m not 100% sure why that even sticks out in my mind, but there was something so magical about that walk in the rain.
I guess maybe it could be that it’s the simple things in life that mean the most.
Every memory I have with you is so god damn special but it’s the little things that stick to mind more than most.
Like holding hands walking down the street. The joy on your face when we met at the station, the sadness in your eyes when I had to leave.
Even our trips to subway mean so much. Just watching you see how much of those 12 inches you could eat.
Another one that sticks out too, is my spit wash on the underground, I will never forget you licking your finger and washing me. I giggle to myself every time I think about it.
There are so many memories, so many perfect moments.
Every moment was perfect, because we were perfect, you are perfect.
You loved more than you will ever know.
I love you Ross, please try to remember the little moments, remember how every second together was incredible, how happy we were .
I love you xxxxoooxxxx


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