imageAll I can say right now is I love you Ross, please never forget that.
All I want to do is see you and talk things through, I wish you could find it in your heart to do that.
I miss you and it’s hurts more everyday.
I miss you so much, if only you could feel what I feel for just one day and see how painful it is.
I want to hear your voice, see your smile and your wonderful eyes.
I can’t explain how hard this is, all I know is, is it’s the most painful, heartbreaking time of my life, I’ve never felt, love or lose like this.
I wish you could understand how much pain I’m in
I’ve lost the most important person, my best friend and my soul mate, and it’s so hard to live without you.
This is killing me.
I love you Ross so god damn much and I miss us, I miss you.


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