All in

imageSo today was hard, work was very busy and I was feeling the heat, somehow managed to stay on top of feeling dizzy and sick and got through the day.
As I was cashing up, the door opens and I hear my little princess calling, mama mama and hear her running towards me.
She’s so cute.
So please to see the one face that makes me smile, the one person who I know truly loves me with all my faults.
But what was she doing there, I was meant to be picking her up, I look up and see my dad standing there.
Omg why is he here, he should be in Devon.
My day just became a lot better.
Driving home to our new home, one that I haven’t warmed to and a big mistake I’m thinking.
Dad tells me we have a visit to do first.
We turn up at this house and the door opens, no idea what I’m doing there, I’m told my Christmas pressie awaits inside.
As I walk into the room, a smell hits me, so over powering I gag and I’m nearly sick, god I hope they didn’t notice.
My sence of smell has always been strong, right then I wish it wasn’t.
I’m greeted by six tiny puppies, all excited to see me.
Omg I guess one of these little things belongs to me
They are very cute I must say but I’m not sure why on earth my dad would buy me one, but it’s so sweet of him.
So tomorrow I become the owner of an 8 week old pup.
I think dad thinks it will give me something to set my mind to, sadly though, I don’t think it will work, nothing seems to work.
All I kept thinking was what one would Ross like, what one would he pick.
It’s always bloody him in my head. Drives me nuts.
I guess love does that.


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