In the doghouse

imageSo I’m right in the dog house.
Mum came and met me at work this morning and we went for a juicy fry up, not had one of those since I shared one with Ross at the cafe at the station at Bognor, funny how the memories come flooding back and in turn make it hard to swallow my food.
I find it hard doing anything we did together.
Anyway, mum is having real trouble hearing, I had to shout to get myself heard.
Would think much of it but after her op it’s a little worrying as one of the main side effects is loosing your hearing.
Mum looked really poorly and I’m worried about her.
I go back to work, mum and mk go back to mine for the day while I work.

It played on my mind all morning, and decide to call mums doctor.
Well I get a call back, I explain that mum doesn’t know I’m calling and that I’m worried.
She agrees with me and asks me to get her to make an appointment ASAP.
Shit what do I do now, I went behind her back and called, now I have to tell her what I have done and I already know she will me upset or angry.

So I call her and spill the beans, I’m now in the dog house big time.
She is really cross.

I was just trying to help mum, I wasn’t doing it to upset you, I called because I care about you.
And I know you do the same when I’m having a bad day.
I’m sorry I butted in, but I only did, because it’s important.
I feel really bad now, but I’m not sorry in away because your stubborn and don’t seem to care about your own health.
Well I do and that’s why I went behind your back.
I am though sorry I upset you.

To top my day off, Ross has been on my mind more than normal, no reason why, I guess I just miss him and he seems to be deeper and deeper in my head everyday.
Why is love so hard?
Why does it hurt so much?
Truth is, I love him so much and I don’t think he will ever get out of my head or heart.
I seem to miss him more everyday.


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