The faster our lives spin…….

imageLife has become very hectic, between Marly-Kate who is a whirlwind, child care runs, the pup and work, I’m flipping running around like a headless chicken. Still though I can’t get Ross out my head, he’s always there. So sorry dad your plan didn’t work.
Got to say though the pup is very loveable and great fun, how can you just not smile at him.
He’s a little pickle for sure, a loveable rugrat who is going to be huge but very intelligent.
He’s doing good, he comes not only to his name but when MK woofs at him, he comes and sits, it kinda cute to watch and she loves him.
She walks him up and down on his lead and won’t leave the poor thing alone, she even fall asleep in his cage yesterday.
Not sure how she will be when he’s bigger than her, hopefully though the bond will continue to grow.

As for the move, I’m still not sure it was the right one to do. It’s kinda painful if I am honest and I’m closer to all my friends, now they can just drop in, even though that is nice, I have become use to my own company and I find it hard to wear that forced smile all the time.
It’s good to see them though.

Had a nice day out with Tell the other day, got a few Christmas presents sorted, and highlight of the day was watching her have her first tattoo.
Bless her she was very nervous and kinda made me bite the bullet and have the tat I have wanted for a while now.
I kinda love it, and even though it was one that I was going to get done with Ross, the meaning of it still stands and yes in a way it’s for him. ( no it isn’t his name)
Still though, it’s for him and I just hope that he understands the meaning.

As for my mum, hearing has not returned and when I explained to her why I called the doctors, she understood my reasoning and has an appointment booked for testing. Fingers crossed she is ok. It’s very worrying, I just want her to be ok.

I best go do some work but before I do, I have to say
“Ross I love you and miss you”

Have a good day guys.


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