Knowing ……

imageA women who knows what she wants !
Is that a bad thing?
Is it what a guy looks for in a relationship ?
Or is it a case of the man should rule and the women do as she is told, wear what’s she is told and start to believe his own views are hers?

Myself – I know what I want !
I want only to be loved by one man and one man only.
I want him and that’s it.
I could live in a box in the street, as long as I had him, the world would be put to rights.

With women though, is it scary for a man to have a women on their arms who knows her own mind, her own beliefs.
Does it put them off?

Is it also a head f*** to know someone loves you, their feelings are so strong, that they would happy give their life to you, die for you, all in the name of love.

I have to say that when he felt like that about me, I was the happiest person alive.
There is no greater joy than to feel loved by the person you love, the person you happily gave your heart to.

So when a women, knows her own mind, her dreams, her goals is the too much to handle?


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