Don’t look back in anger

imageSo yesterday was an awful day.
Hear news from a friend that hurt me and got me a little angry.
Not going to go into too much detail here because if I’m honest I don’t want to get pissed off again.

But to put a few things straight, which I have already done in my last blog, I did not go to his house to piss him off or even see him.
I went to see his mum, do her nails and drop of Christmas presents.
Also to pick up an order from her. It was nothing to do with Ross, like he thinks it was.
Well he is wrong.
I was just leaving when he turned up.
So that said and done that’s that over.

I’m also told that he is shutting this site down.
To me, that is below the belt.
This is my space and I think it is just cruel if I’m honest.
He knows what this site means to me along with being ordered not to see his mum, yesterday was a shit shit day.
And I will say sorry for the blog I wrote in anger yesterday.

Well ladies and gents.
I will blog again if he doesn’t shut this down before I get to.

Have a good day people and if I don’t get to say it
“Happy Christmas and new year ”

I will leave you with this.
Never give you heart away, never fall in love, because one way or another, it will destroy you.


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