Running like water

imageTime is running like water.
Soon the new month and the new year will be here with new chances…new experiences. A new era will begin.
We all spend our entire lives trying to live in another time and place. We lament about what has been, what we could have done, or what might become. However, the past is gone, even if we will it not to be and the future doesn’t exist.

No matter how much time we spend thinking and lamenting about either, it doesn’t change anything.
We need to live more in the moment. Living in the moment requires active, open, intentional awareness on the present.
Don’t fantasize about being on vacation while at work, and don’t worry about the work piling up on your desk when you’re on vacation. Live for now. Notice the beauty unfolding around you.
Life is beautiful no matter how hard your situation is, how broken you may feel.
Just look around you and see the morning frost, the sun rising, the shimmer of light through the trees.
The morning chilled air in your lungs.
The smile on the faces of the people around you.
Each and everything thing is beautiful in its own way.
Look deeper and see the good and the beauty.


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