Kindness is …………

imageKindness is the only investment that never fails. And wherever there is a human being, there’s an opportunity for kindness. Learn to give, even if it’s just a smile, not because you have too much, but because you understand there are so many others who feel like they have nothing at all.

This last 6 months have been really challenging for me.
I won’t get into the details, you can read back if you want to know more.
But in that moment, when that bit of sun cut through the gloom and scattered into a rainbow, I was reminded me that there is alway hope and kindness around.
Really, it seemed trivial at times but, a kind word honestly spoken, a smile, or a listening ear, helped me smile on a day when I felt like I didn’t have the right to smile.

Isn’t it funny how those oppressive, gray days have a way of amplifying the little bits of sunshine that flit into and out of your life?

Small acts of kindness are often underestimated. After all, would anyone really care if you remember to make eye contact, say ‘thank you’ and smile?
But like that bit of sun, those acts have a far greater reach than anyone can truly measure.

I believe that receiving kindness makes us feel good, but giving kindness can make us deliriously happy.
Being happy is a pretty worthy goal right?

Let’s all try to make ourselves a little bit happier today.
I know there is someone in your life that you could help.
A note, a phone call, a little gift, a smile. Anything.
Do it and hopefully you will feel a little bit happier, too.
And if today doesn’t go the way you’d planned, tomorrow is a new day and I, too, believe in miracles.
Keep trying.

This is not only my advise to you all but to myself, I have to remind myself to smile everyday.
As for kindness, I try my best, but lately I have been stopped in my tracks and I have pulled back in trying to be kind and show I care.
I will explain this later in a blog I am half way through writing.
“How do humans come to switch off their natural feelings of sympathy for another human being who is suffering?”

A subject very close to home, one I have become aware of over the last few months.
If only a little kindness would come into play, the world and the people in it would be a brighter place.

I will leave you with this……..

Kindness is a language the deaf can hear and the blind can see.


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