What am I afraid of?

imageMy daughter was taken too a party, where she turned into the star of the show, when she smiled it was like the brightest sunshine coming from her face.
What was I afraid of ?

When she goes out she smiles and greets complete strangers and they smile back.
What was I afraid of ?

When she strolls into a room full of strangers she just stands and waves and says “Hello”.
What was I afraid of ?

In the supermarket if music comes on she stops and she dances and laughs.

What am I afraid of ?

I think it’s the negativity that surrounds my daughter, The first time the doctor told me she wouldn’t achieve a thing in life.
The pity on the midwives faces was heartbreaking.
But you know what she has shown them wrong.

Marly-Kate does not suffer from a bad heart and sleep disorder syndrome
we her family suffer.
Marly-Kate embraces life, she has no cares and only worries about kissing a photo good night.
Where as we her family suffer from the negativity of having a child like Marly-Kate.

Marly-Kate has something no one here has, she loves everyday of her life, she is comfortable with who she is, she has no worries and isn’t hurt by other people, Marly-Kate would smile at a stranger that called her a horrid name.
I suppose what Marly-Kate has is something we wont have for she is never sad, or hurtful in fact she loves everyone, she doesn’t judge or react in horror to anyone.

It’s her family that fear for her. Wrap her up in cotton wool. It’s us who hold her back, by our own fears, our own love.
And that’s all she wants and needs, our love.

Her own strength has taught me more than any book or other person ever has.
That alone makes her the most incredible perfect daughter I could ever wish for.

So when the other children laugh at her because she is a little slower than the rest, doesn’t run as fast as the others, can’t say as many words.
Remember that every small step she takes is a miracle, an achievement all on its own.
She is the strongest person I know.
She is perfect in every way.
The brightest most beautiful soul.


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