Words words words……

imageWords may be just words to most of us, but to me there are a few very important ones.
Some should not be said unless meant, those being those 3 little words that mean the up most.

Those can give someone so much joy and peace in their hearts, so to me these should be used only when really meant.

I have only meant those once in my life time and I still feel those.

Those 3 little words ( I love you ), can change your life, or the life of others.
If you feel them, believe in them, but never say them to another unless you really mean them.

The other important words, that many forget are the two simple words “thank you”

Manners are saving grace of this planet, if we forget altogether to say thank you or even please, this world would be even more an unpleasant place to be.

I was brought up to be polite and always use my p’s and q’s and even though I didn’t have the best childhood but it is something that will always stay with me and I will pass onto Marly-Kate.
Bless her cotton socks, she can’t say many words, but she always tries to say please and thank you.
When I have taken her into work, my customers always comment how nice it is to see such a young child using her manners.

It really does not take much to say thank you or please.

Working with the public has made me notice how incredibly rude society has become.

If someone opens a door for you, waits for you to enter a train, buys you a small token gift, sends you an email just to say hello etc, then to me, it is only polite to thank them.
When asking for a drink order, what harm is it to use your manners, it does not cost a penny to be polite.

The lack of heart is kinda scary to say the least, what are the young ones growing up with, and I dread to think what their children will become.
Will manners be a thing of the past?


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