If you’re seeking…..

imageTrue strength of character is not how you treat someone because of how they treated you, but how you treat someone regardless of how they treated you!
Events try to dictate our circumstance.
Each morning you wake up and have a choice. In the end the decision is ours.
I choice to let justice take control, and watch as karma catches up with certain people.
For I have no reason to hold my head in shame. The wrongs will be put to right.
But I will not hold a grudge and I will always see you as family and hold the memories of my childhood, my teens and my time in Paris as memories and lessons learnt.
I hope justice isn’t to hard on you (why I do not know, for you deserve what ever is coming your way) I guess I’m just too soft and don’t want to see another suffer as I have, there has been enough pain and heartbreak as there is.
I won’t hold hate in my heart because I know somewhere in your heart there is love and goodness, I just hope you learn to find it.

It takes a strong heart to love, but it takes an even stronger heart to forgive, so my words to you in the next couple of weeks are …….

Strength does not come from some mystical or mysterious place because we need it. Strength is born from the courage to do what must be done.
I hope that you have the strength to stand there and see, really see, the damage you both caused, and find the strength to live with that for the rest of your life’s.
To me, justice will only be served when you feel the devastation that you caused.

No court room, no sentence, no lawyer can give justice
If you’re seeking justice, a court of law is the absolute LAST place you should look, you will find it only in your heart.


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