So much truth


Couldn’t say it better myself.

Maybe my beliefs aren’t your beliefs
Maybe my way of seeing the world isn’t your way
Maybe my dreams seem to high
Maybe my hopes and faith seem silly
Maybe what I see as pretty you don’t
Maybe my idea of love seems unrealistic
Maybe my aspirations seem to far out there

That’s okay
They are after all mine

So I will believe in what I feel is true
I will see the world for what it can be
I will dream as high as my dreams can reach
I will hope and have faith until my last breath
I will see beauty in nature and seek it in others and I will keep my beliefs and aspirations alive
for love gives my life it’s breath and fuels my passion.



First glimmer

imageAs I start a new week with fear and sadness in my heart I’m telling myself to stay strong, to not let the misery, the burning growing hate for two certain people consume me. My advice to myself and to you if you’re in times of trouble, fear or pain, is ………………….
Conquer the pain, don’t let it conquer you.
They say that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.
But sometimes it’s hard to move. So during those times, cover yourself with kindness, meditate on your hope, and go easy on yourself, at least until you see the first glimmer of strength return.
Then rise to your feet with confidence, knowing that you’ll gain strength with each step forward you force yourself to make.

(Song just for you Cassie)