This is judgement.

imageGood morning. A new day, one where I will be judged, the day I travel 100’s of miles so that people can look at me and the work I have done and decide if I am good enough.
Some of these people I know, some I don’t, some I hope I never will have to talk to.
But still they are there to judge, and all the while I really couldn’t care if they like me or my work.
To me no matter how loud their opinions are, others cannot choose who you are. The question should not be, “Why don’t they like me when I’m being me?” it should be, “Why am I wasting all my time and energy worrying what they think of me?” So I’m telling myself to
Keep moving forward with life.
Be happy.
Be myself .
If others don’t like it, I’ll let them be.
Life isn’t about pleasing everybody.

Wish me luck guys I’m going to need it.
And also thank you to my friends who have given up their time to come and see my work judged and maybe me getting the award. Either way if I win or not, snap loads of pics because I don’t care if we are allowed or not :p
But you know what, all I really want is him on my arm, him with me, like we both dreamed of.
Him holding my hand as we wait to see if I won but more than that I just want him with me :,-(