♡ HAPPY VALENTINES ♡ Sorry to shout, but for the sake of Love, we should not whisper

imageSo I wanted to try to write something happy and meaningful this morning but right now my heart aches too much.
My mind is filled with wonderful memories of this day last year.
I’m finding them very painful today but it was one of the best days I have ever had.
This year I should have been taking Ross to see the northern lights so a double kick in the teeth.

So anyway here’s my little ray of sunshine for to-day.

Valentines day, a day to show your partner that you love them, a day of romance, kisses and hand holding.
The day you declare your feelings to the one who has stolen your heart, your breath and soul.

I have never been a great believer in this day, for my own personal reason I have chosen to forget about it in past years.
To me, shouldn’t you tell that special person that they are loved, everyday.
Shouldn’t everyday be about showing them that you care, that they are loved.

Well this year, I put my feelings aside because I knew my other half, my better half, loves the day and it was our first valentines day together.

The day started perfectly, waking together, is always the greatest pleasure and no matter how many times we wake together, I just can’t get enough of that moment, just seeing him resting, at peace and looking gorgeous, bed hair and all.
Specking the words, ” good morning ” knowing that they are the first we hear.

After waking up, we exchanged cards,
wow I had the most wonderful card, the lyric/words typed inside summed every feeling up.
And I will admit it brought a tear to my eye.

We decide to go on an adventure, so off we go to London.

What you don’t know about me though, is that I use to live and work in London and over the time I spent there I lost all love for the place. It’s a lonely city.
I was very nervous about going but I knew if I was going to do it, that I was in the best company.

So we headed off on the train, and had the most breathtaking day, full of laughs, smiles and love.
The city was a glow with couples holding hands, and love was in the air.
London took on a new light in my eyes, the magic returned.
What a delightful city.

My other half, being himself, cheeky to a tee, gets me to do things out of my own comfort zone and we may have broken a few rules, only small ones I will add, but this just added that extra special something to our magical day.

Sadly we had to leave London behind us but it didn’t matter as we were heading back together and I knew that even though the day was over, I would get the perfect day all over again the next day. Everyday is perfect, that we spend together.

So what does valentines mean to me now.
It means that, even if everyday day is about showing love, that one day a year, you can just go that little bit extra.

Valentines now to me is a pleasure, and I will never forget what an sensational day we had together.
The day I learnt to open up my heart not just to him but to my ill feelings towards certain places and memories.
I now have a new memory, a perfect one.
So I thank you baby for showing me St valentine, for giving me the most magnificent day. For giving me your heart. And for wanting mine ❤
I love you


So Ross happy valentines day and sorry but I will always love you .
No one can ever love you as much as I do.