My journey.

imageSince childhood, the interaction between human beings has struck me with curiosity.
How did they function?
What made some dynamic, while others static?
Why do so many sacrifice their health for wealth, only to spend it on maintaining their decaying life later on?
I boggled with these questions, believing that there must be an answer, even if it wasn’t logical.
In spite of my being like this, I never shared my inner most thoughts with others, those of which I kept to myself. Because of this, people’s general opinion of me was that of a wild child with a limitless source of energy, which was understandable.
But I was just a child who thought to much, cared to deeply and withdraw into myself as a way of protection against the world.
I guess I never grow out of this and I’m still building those walls, caring to much and not doing the best job in protecting my heart.
I’m still that child with not so my energy and the twinkle for life is hard to find.
But I do believe the my mind will never stop questioning the questions, I will never find the answers to.
I guess this is my journey, no matter how hard it is, it’s mine.


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