Learn, grow and love.

imageThere are infinite levels of being ‘awake’, and it is never something that you can conclusively ‘obtain’.
There are only different stages of awareness, beginning with understanding how things are really run in the world and how it works, through awareness of being, awareness as self, awareness of the universe, and awareness of the no-thing.
All we can ever do is to continue to feed our soul information, learn, grow and love.
People who choose to follow a certain collective way of thinking, be it ‘sheeple’, football, drugs, alcohol, bad soaps, cups of tea, nationalism or whatever, are not wrong.
They are simply at where they are at in their individual consciousness.
You would not shout at a seed because it is not a tree yet, it will grow and develop in its own time.
As your consciousness grows, it is your responsibility to put out a loving, compassionate and understanding frequency and to spread light where possible. awareness is a beautiful thing, and it never stops, it’s never finished, it can only deepen.


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