I swear

The only good thing about being this ill, I get to see who really does care about me. But while I say good thing, it’s not because it hurts like hell and in true honesty I sometimes wonder why I’m putting myself through fighting this.
And for all you untrusting people who Didn’t believe that I am sick, I hope that you now see I am and you can eat your words.
And even though every time i move is hurts intensely it’s nothing on the pain of the last year.
And I swear until I’m on my death-bed that my broken heart is the reason my body has given up on me. I swear I’m dying of a broken heart.
Trust me when I say never fall in love because it will kill you.



imageBe that good person, the one that’s hard to find.
Be someone who others trust without question, and never give them a reason to regret it.
Treat people generously all of your life.
Be quick to help out anyone in need, reach out to the less-fortunate.
When you speak..say something worthwhile, and always say it kindly.
Always face tomorrow with a smile.
Be someone who is worth admiration and praise, someone who lives the good life that they deserve.