I’m not the monster

So what a week, I end up in hospital in a fight for my life, and my poor mum has confirmation that she has skin cancer, on top of that they think that she may have a bleed on her brain due to the brain tumour they removed. The one that certain people didn’t believe me she had, until I had to post photos of her the day of her op.
The same people didn’t believe me when I said I was sick, and I’m sure that it took photos of my meds, my treatment and pics of me being in hospital to prove that I’m fighting something that is destroying the little part of my life I have left. The life I now have no passion to fight for because the one person I love with all my heart was one of the ones who never believed in me.
When did life get to a point that I have to prove everything.
When you love someone you shouldn’t judge or make up your own turn of events in your mind.
You stand by that person through everything and you wait until the time is right to put forward any mind questions you may have.
And still I’m here hoping that one day he will see I was always telling the truth and that I love him more than I do myself or anyone else, that I will always love him.
And that I’m not the monster he has painted a picture in his mind that I am.
My wish now is that the friends and family that do believe in me will forgive me for closing doors on them and that if I win this fight or not that they know that I am grateful for your time and love.
I will try to fight this for my family but it is for them and them alone as life with out Ross is not worth fighting for.


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