When will he see…..

imageWhen will he see ?
When will he see how wrong he had me?
When will he see that I never lied to him?
When will he remember how he felt when his baby bean kicked him?
When will he remember how good is was ?
When will he remember how wonderful our life’s together could have been?
When will he see that no matter what has happened I will always love him?
When will he see that I’m the person he fall in love with?
Not the monster he has painted of me in his mind.
I have the answers and I have the death certificate that will show him that I never lied ?
When will he let the stubbornness I loved in him, slide and contact me and ask for the truth to be shown?
When will he ask to see the certificate?
When will he see he throw it all away over a thought in his mind that he let over take any other emotion including the love he had for me?
When will Ross see that he was wrong?
When will he see, that I still love him?
When will he see that I will always be his and I will always be waiting incase miracles happen and he wants the answers.
When will he see me for me.
When will he see ?

Be happy because…..

imageHappiness is not determined by what’s happening around you, but rather what’s happening inside you. Most people depend on others to gain happiness, but the truth is, it always comes from within!
To me this can only happen with the missing part if my soul and heart.
Don’t wait..Do not expect from other people to make you happy…
Be happy because you woke up and see the sun…
Be happy because you smell the air…
Be happy because you can enjoy your coffee.
Open your soul..Not your eyes.!!