The geek in me.

imageThis bought out the geek in me.
It’s absolutely flawless.
I KNOW it’s sped up a little, but still… it’s flawless.

Who DOESN’T love a film about Pirates? Who DOESN’T love Skyrim? Who DOESN’T love Game of Thrones?

Even if you don’t like the film, game, or TV programme… you HAVE to love the music!!!



imageNever assume that your successes of yesterday will give you victory today. Never assume that your skills today will be relevant tomorrow. You need to continuously stay on top of your game. Keep redefining your life, keep redefining your ways, acquire more skills, you are in the game for tomorrow not for yesterday’s glory.If all you can boast of are yesterday’s laurels then you are done. Your tomorrow should never be a slave to your yesterday. It is time to redefine your focus for tomorrow. Yes, you are in this game. You will win !