Peculiar and toughest morning

imageJust had one of the most peculiar and toughest mornings.
I’m sat oblivious to my surroundings, in a world of my own mulling over the last few years.
Just as I was about to break down, I hear a friendly voice shouting my name… I looked up and saw my 3 closest friends… 3 people who I haven’t really made time for lately, and when I do see them I close up and shut them out of me.

I don’t know, but it’s true…
Friends pop up at the time you most need them, and when you least expect to see them.
It saved me from breaking, and undoing the hard work, I’ve had with my head over heart feelings of late.
Just sitting drinking cups of tea and coffee, talking of random things, saved me from myself.

The last few days, I have felt well in body and mind, no tears have dropped and I found peace in a listening ear. 🙂 ( thank you )
Maybe feeling so shattered has changed my positive mind-set, that’s the only thing I can put my finger on at the moment.
I’m just glad I could snap out of it before darkness came flooding back.

Hopefully now my day, will move forward with a spring in my step and joy in the space where my heart once lived and loved.

I’m taking everyday as I can, and fighting my way to recovery, not just in body, but in heart to.
Here’s hoping that my head over heart method works.
Learning to not feel is hard, I’m hoping I can win this battle.

Life is my gift and I plan to smile when I can and live it the best I can, in time maybe peace and a heart beat will follow.


Alive and breathing

imageAnother friday has come with that beautiful day making its first steps like ourselves starting to live the day again.
Alive and breathing..!!
Live for today never what’s up for tomorrow. You have to be in the present to get the present.
We Don’t have the time machine to take us back to yesterday, sadly.
Tomorrow is still uncertain so live for today.. your fullest.
Enjoy while we are alive as long as we do not impose our views, opinions and beliefs to others.
As long as you are living and enjoying your life today.
You can forget the rest, we at least try to.