To have him…..

imageIt feels like someone has ripped my insides out and filled me with pain
And all I want is for him to hold me and have me back
To have him back.


I can’t, I just can’t :-(

imageAs I get ready to do my first trip to the hospital, 3 appointments this week and maybe if my bloods are not as good as they should be by Thursday, they may keep me in.
I can’t do another stint in hospital, I just can’t.

If only I had his hand to hold I could find the inner strength in me that only he can bring out in me.
I have to do some positive thinking which some days seems to be a huge challenge so here goes nothing …….

One more day that we are alive and lucky to drink our morning coffee and see the first light of the sun.
Each day means a new twenty-four hours.
Each day means everything’s possible again.
We live in the moment, we die in the moment.
It is a new day to count your blessings and start living your life again.
It is another chance for you to smile and be happy.
We don’t need much.
Only the wind on your shoulder to dream and hope again..!!