Need your help please.

imageThis is a different kind of blog from normal, I’m asking for help.

Not sure if it’s the medication I am on, but at night my whole body twitches uncontrollably, feel like no air is in my lungs, last night was so bad, it scared me to death, leaving me today feeling totally exhausted.
My body would not relax, and every time I thought I was finally starting to control the twitching/jumping it would happen again, leaving me to scared to try to relax as I had no control over anything, almost felt like I was fitting at times.

Does anyone have this happen to them?

To scared at the moment to call my consultant, I know he will put me back in hospital as this is happening more and more and right now I can’t handle being back in that place.
It is different from a panic attack, I had those for a long time a few years back so I know it’s not those.
I have looked on-line and most people blame coffee or weed, well as I do NOT smoke weed or cancer sticks and do not drink coffee or tea after 6pm I know it can’t be that.
I’m sure it is my meds but I have checked the side effects and it is not listed.
I’m at a loss, any help would be great.


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