If only my words could heal.

imageTo my favourite cousin (who is in theater as I write this)

I know that when you fall asleep you will feel scared and alone, but you’re not. All the family will be with you, sending healing energy and love to you.
And when you wake up, while your all sleepy and a little high from the drugs, your know that this moment is the start of new beginnings and a beautiful life.

You will know that you took on the monster and you took him down perfectly, with dignity and pride.

Your know that life is a gift and a beautiful one at that.

You will see that you’re loved more than you ever knew before and that life is yours for the taking.

Today is the start of a new chapter, one where you have taken control and one that you will give your whole heart to.

I truly believe you can pull through this and once again laugh smile and cry tears of joy.

Not every day will be easy, but on those days, just look around you and see how much you are loved and with that you will regain the strength to fight.
You are the most incredible caring loving soul, with strength I only wish I had half of.
You’re who I look up to and love so much.
And all the while I know life has thrown you a hand that you should never have to face, you’re not alone.
We are all here, loving you and praying that you will be ok.
There is no dealt in my mind that you will pull through this and be more beautiful because of it.
I love you and you will be in my thoughts all day.
Here’s to all your new beginnings.

(Just because she always reminds me of you)


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