Dear Zack, Until then :,-(

Dear my darlin baby bean,
I was so close so very very close, and all I wanted to do was run to you and Jane.
You were there in her arms, Jane calling my name.
But I was being pulled back, they were pulling me back.
His face was pulling me back.
I had no control, the force was to strong.
I’m sorry baby bean I’m so sorry.
I wanted to come to you, I wanted to hold you in my arms and cuddle you for ever.
I want to go with you both, but I guess my fight on this earth was not over, that I’m meant to finish my goal/story of life.
Maybe I’m meant to get my dream
Trust me my darlin baby boy, that I won’t give up, I now know what my heart wants and I won’t ever give up on that.
And maybe when I get that, I will get to be with you.
I so long for that cuddle, I so long to see you again.
I love you Zack.
Love your mummy


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