Tongue tied

imageAs my family and friends know, it’s been a hard few weeks, but this time has changed me and my life forever.
Something has changed in me but trying to put why and what into words is proving to be very hard.
I’ve written this blog at least 5 times already but it’s not right, I just can’t put down how I’m feeling, what I have been through and what has changed.
You could say I’ve seen the light, that I’ve woken up after the worst time of my life.
All I want is to share this with you, it’s important to me to write this down so I never forget what happened or all these feelings.
But for now I will leave you with this…….

Throughout your life, there will be times when the world gets real quiet and the only thing left is the beat of your own heart.
So you’d better learn the sound of it, otherwise you’ll never understand what it’s telling you.
Remember that every moment counts. Every second matters.
Honestly, whatever is given is a gift.


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