Bucket of happiness

imageOne more day that we are here and have our eyes open and air in our lungs.
It’s the “Miracle of life.”
Another chance at life.
Choose to be happy for no reason at all.
If you are happy for a reason, you could be in trouble, because that reason can get taken away from you.
So smile right now because you can and make a point to fill your own bucket of happiness so high that the rest of the world can’t poke enough holes to drain it dry.
We all make our own happiness, even if we think it’s a certain person who you think makes you happy, it’s you that feels it, lives it and embraces it.
It’s also the same people/person that can take a grip of your feelings and snatch it away.
It’s up to you to hold that feeling in your heart and still feel happy at what they couldn’t take away from you.
Our feelings are all combined, it’s what you let yourself feel that either gives you a glow or pain.
I chose to see the happiness as the pain only kills you slowly.


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