Through time.

imageI have been thinking about the teenagers these days and in which way we’ve changed to older generations.
People say you can’t compare them because back then, life was different to today’s life.
Ok it’s a lot different, but I do believe most of it is in a good way.

The older generations don’t think too well about our youth, as the youth don’t think too well about the oldies.
They say we focus on things that don’t matter, for example, love friends, social life and food.
You can’t tell me that this wasn’t the same back then.
We’ve all search for love, all want friends and a social life and food is very important, where would we be without it?

One thing that did change, is the technology…but is that bad?
Okay some teenagers may “waste” their time on it but I am thinking about the good things of technology.
Personally I do not see sitting on google is a bad thing, I myself have learnt more than I ever did at school from google.

Some parents still see it as a waste of time, but some people don’t understand that this is a new way of connecting to people you probably would never get to meet.
Watching videos on YouTube and seeing that people understand you because they are talking about the exact same problems, listening to music because the lyrics describes exactly how you feel.

The internet is a new opportunity for people to express themselves. It’s a new way of sharing their thoughts, their life with people…like I am doing on here.
For me this is a good thing and not a waste of time.

Marly has learnt so much by playing on games and learning program’s, she soon with be able to kick my butt at her two player games.
She can control a mouse perfectly, she knows most of the keys, she can even type simple words.
I believe it has given her pride in herself and while she is having fun, she is learning, which is fantastic.
But she also loves to be outdoors,
She loves feeding the cows, sheep and chickens with her grandad, and spends hours upon hours out on the tractor with him. All the while she is learning.
She can bake cakes and helps me to cook.

I personally feel that the youth have so much more in life now, maybe some should get more air in their lungs, but they have the world at their finger tips, they have answer at a push of a mouse.
It’s so amazing how far we have come.


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