Free mind

imageHow I wish, we could all have a child’s mind.

A child lives a less complex, stress free life. A child may worry, but not for long and not over serious matters.

Sense of wonder.
I wish I would never lose my sense of wonder. To look at things in amazement. To expect beautiful surprises in the face of uncertainty. To believe in miracles, in magic, and that all wishes come true. To be always in awe even of the little things that adults take for granted. To never stop being appreciative of even the small things and gestures.

A child is worry-free because She/He knows she’s/He’s in good hands. He/she can sleep soundly in their parent’s arms despite the chaos going around him/her because she/he is sure that she/he will be protected. That he/she will not be abandoned. That he/she is loved.

The ugly part of being an adult is being exposed to many things that somehow removed your ability to trust fully. Too many betrayals. Too many promises broken. Too many plans that did not pursue because somehow the people involved were not able to live out their commitment.
It’s sad really. You become too cautious you build a strong and tall wall around you to protect yourself from further damage, because you fear that you might not be able to take the hurt anymore if it happens again.
I want to trust like I’ve never been hurt before. Like I will never be betrayed again.

Notice how easy it is for children to forgive one another? Sometimes, they don’t even have to apologize. After a while, they start playing or talking again like nothing happened. No hang ups, no grudges.
They forgive easily because they don’t make a big deal out of it. They forgive easily because they forget about the offense. They put their friendship over their differences. And a little misunderstanding can’t stop them from having fun.
I want to be as forgiving as a child.


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