Not giving up!!!

imageThe term giving up has always been really confusing to me. Is it a good or bad thing?
Because surely if someone is doing something they like and take the initiative to stop doing that thing…that’s not good.

I’m here to challenge the thinking that giving up is a good thing. To be honest, I think giving up on some things could be the worst decisions some people make.

I think we as humans are more in tune with the things we don’t like than the things we do. We are 100% sure we don’t like the things we don’t, but we’re not completely sure of the things we do.

Giving up is easy not quitting is one of the hardest decisions a person can make. It’s brave. Not Giving up requires a ton of freaking bravery.

If you want something so badly that you think about it every waking moment, why on earth would you give up.
If you love something so deeply, why would you walk away from that.
I just don’t see the point.
Hard work and dedication has to pay off doesn’t it.

I for one don’t think I’m a quitter.
If I believe in something or want to do something, I can’t and won’t give up even tho it makes me unhappy when I keep coming up against a brick wall.

Take these challenges I have been setting myself.

Marly-Kate and I, sat and watched hours of YouTube videos to try to learn something new and boy that was a challenge.
Being left-handed has made it even harder but after an hour I mastered the first part of our challenge, today we tackle the second part.
I will not let it beat me, even though I am finding it to be very testing, but boy when we both managed to get it, the smiles and joy it gave us was worth it’s weight in gold.
Now if we had given up, we would never had that feeling of pride.

To me this, makes the fight worth while, it makes everything worth while.
They say you have to conquer the pain to see the light, I have a funny feeling that is so right hence why I will never give up on a feeling, a dream that is so strong.
Giving up is just not good enough when you want something so badly.
I will not be a quitter !
Well unless it’s my goal to quit :p


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