You’re know if you know.

imageMy heart, soul and spirit will always love him.
No amount of time will matter if the love you have for this person is real.
No matter how much time passes since the break-up, a week, a month, a year, 10 years, if you love him/her then it doesn’t matter.
No matter how hard you try to not feel it, no matter how angry you get, it’s there, never leaving you alone, always in the back of your thoughts, flooding your heart.
No time in the world can stop it.
True love is not logical, it’s emotional.
It’s a feeling, it’s in your bones.
If there was a true love connection, which again, only you know, then that experience will always rise above any conflict that rears its ugly head in your relationship.
You’re know if you know.
You’re know that it’s true undying love.
Nothing or no one can’t do anything to change your feelings.

Not amount of time will fix the feeling of missing them.
You won’t stop missing your best friend in the world. The loving feeling that you get from knowing you can tell them anything and everything and knowing that he will always be the one person in the world who understands.

Your miss the feeling of knowing, we can make it through because nothing is more important than learning and growing together, loving each other.

You will miss that we are different people with different interests, and that’s a good thing, but giving each others time for what is important to one another because we like making each other happy.
Your miss the things that we enjoy doing together.
And your cherish every second of the time you spent with the love of your life.


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