More beautiful. More colorful.

imageI miss your kind eyes and a genuine smile. I miss that you had time for me, you wanted to spend all your time with me, as I did you, I still do.
I miss that because of all the pain we have gone through before we meet, we both realised that we deserve that happiness and we deserve each other.
We deserved to be loved by our one and only soul mate.
I still believe.

I miss the days we cuddled up under the duvet with chocolate and a good movie.

I miss that, we loved to talk and laugh, and getting to know each other.
I still believe that when we would have been together 50 years, we would have always found something new to talk about, or reminisce about our life together, how blissfully happy we would have been.
And even though you more than likely would have probably roll my eyes at my so not funny jokes, I would have smiled just because I would have messed up the punch line.

I miss that you complete me, that you make life better.
More beautiful.
More colorful.
I miss the man who made me believe in love, who made me feel it.

I miss you giving me hugs, ones full of love, holding my hand for no reason and kissing me just because you loved me. God I miss that.

I now just have to hold onto the hope, that someday we will find one another again.
In this lifetime, or the next, I hope we find each other again.


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