It doesn’t depend

imageToday can be great, but only if you make it so.
Whether or not today is a great day doesn’t depend on the weather. It doesn’t depend on your “mood”. It doesn’t depend on anyone else.
If you want to have a pleasant and productive day then choose to have one. It’s all about your perception and what you choose to believe and do.
So why do we often feel so powerless?
Is it because we convince ourselves that we are.
We wait for things to be given to us.
But in life, there are no true entitlements, and the truth is that if you want something then you need to make it happen for yourself.
You need to work for it.
We need to dream to believe.
We need to never give up on what our heart wants.
That’s all we really need to do.
“Follow our hearts”
Even if we have dealt, even if our heads tell us otherwise.
We have to make a stand for what our hearts feel.
Follow yours and be true to yourself.
The heart knows best.


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