Leaves you feeling…….

imageEveryone has those days where something’s happened that leaves you feeling upset or not in your usual upbeat mood.
No one likes to be left feeling that way, so here are some of the ways that I like to deal with it!
Of course it’s nice to be surrounded by your friends and family for support and cheering up but for me, personally, I do like to get away and be by myself for a while since being around too many people at one time with all the focus on me does makes me feel quite uncomfortable.

I hope that if you’re having a bad day that you might try one of these and that it lifts your spirits a bit!

Blog – nothing helps me better than, writing it all down or typing it out, you don’t even have to post it, show it to anyone, just Getting out your emotions, feelings and troubles scribbled down really does help. Trust me I know.
I would truly be lost without my blog.
I really don’t know how I would cope without it.
It’s my special place.

Films – To get lost in a movie is always great.
A good comedy, that will get me laughing in no time, works a treat even a horror or thriller movie works. You’ll be on the edge of your seat before you know it and you’ll have completely forgotten about your problems.
Even a sad, heart-wrenching, over-emotional film will probably work as a good cry is great for the soul, it washes away the tears so you can see the beauty around you.

Music – listening to music has always been a huge part of my life.
Just to lay still and listen to the lyrics, beats and melodies, takes me back to memories I will never forget due to a piece of music.
Music is so powerful, it’s uncanny.
The way it touches your soul, gives you goose bumps, makes you cry, smile and dance like nobody’s watching.
There is something magical in music.

Reading – I do enjoy a good book, it takes me away to a world that’s not your own.
It makes my imagination sour, picturing in your mind, what the characters look like, the landscape or setting and the emotions felt.
Sadly my meds make me read the same pages over and over again, so I don’t seem to get very far these days.

Cat nap – something that everyone loves, SLEEPING.
Napping just makes the hours pass by and by the time you wake up, you’ll need to do other things too, such as those listed above to keep yourself even more distracted and keep your pre-occupied. Plus, naps make you feel better, my doctor tells me so.
Months of bed rest has been ordered, who’s he kidding, life gets in the way.

Chocolate – now that a tricky one, it makes you feel better until that little voice shouts out “you’ll get fat.”
Damn I never listen, chocolate just seems like a magic cure.
Not saying we should all stuff our faces with chocolate, that’s kinda unhealthy. But is it ?
Chocolate is good for memory and has something in it the lightens are moods.
Think it’s best though to not eat too much, lol that a fine thing coming from me, I’m addicted to chocolate.
Could get hit by a bus tomorrow so who cares :p

So what’s your way of lifting your mood, taking your mind off your troubles?


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