A whirlwind of colour

imageIt’s never been about the time of the day that mattered to me, be it at sunset when the setting sun casts reflections on the open water creating a magic aura, or early morning sunrise,down on the seafront before the chaos of the day takes over, or the night lights flickering on crashing waves in a whirlwind of color.
Let’s not forget walking in the rain, the sight of the city looking fresh. The smell of the rain hitting the dry ground. The air smells of hope.
I loved the feel of rain on my skin, it made me feel strangely alive. The sound of the raindrops drowning out the voices in my head, clearing the chaos of everyday thoughts, leaving me feeling calm and peaceful.

For me it wasn’t ever about the location, it is about the journey, the journey of enjoying the beauty of the world around me and being at peace.
Just my iPod, my music, my thoughts.

I miss those days.
Will life ever feel like that again?
Will I ever feel alive ?


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