Just, tired.

imageI’ve just been feeling tired.
Tired of doing what I feel I have to do, rather than what I want to do.
Tired of feeling like I’m being held back from things I want to do because I’m poorly.
Tired because I stay up way too late and wake up early.
Tired of feeling like I’m not working to my full potential because I’m not doing what I love anymore.
Tired of being forced to do things, and told to do things.
Tired of being poked and prodded.
Tired of having blood taken, scans, X-rays, echoes, ct scans and appointments after appointments.
Tired of spending my days waiting to see consultants and test appointments.
Tired of having to take meds 4 times a day 29 flipping tablets, God I hate taking pills.
Tired of being at the hospital.
Tired of getting to watch other people live out their dreams, while I wallow in mine and let them replay in my brian like an old worn record.
And quite frankly, I’m tired of being tired !!!


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