To never…….

Just had a thought,
One that I can’t get out my head now and it’s driving me a little crazy and making tears roll down my face, I hate that, I’ve tried so hard not to cry

The last time I sat on the beach and was a total peace was hand in hand with him.
The last time my heart beat so fast in my chest was when he held me in his arms and told me he loved me.
The last time I felt alive was with him.

Now I’m just a shell, a shell of a person totally heart-broken.

I can truly say I haven’t felt alive since.
And that is one scary feeling
How can I be so lost, so broken?

How can someone suck all life out of me, t life isn’t living any more, it’s just existing.
And for what ?

To never feel loved,
To never feel whole,
To never be truly happy.