Have you ???

imageHave you, ever noticed how the world is so loud even when it’s silent?

Have you, ever felt like your bed is too big or maybe you are just too small to be noticed, to be loved so that you can fill it?

Have you, ever felt broken and certain that everyone has noticed the parts you try to keep hidden — the depression and anxiety that you have fought since you were a child?

Have you, spent your life waiting for someone to notice that maybe — just maybe — they will notice you?

Have you, ever been the person others ask if your friends are single?

Have you, ever stood with one foot out the door so that you can bow out without being notice? Even though you know that no one will notice because you are just not noticeable?

Have you ever felt so alone, that your cries can’t even be heard in the silence of the night?

Have you, ever thought that all these thoughts are just thoughts and maybe just maybe you’re worth something.
Maybe just maybe you have been noticed.
May be just maybe, it’s you that is not noticing!!!


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