imageHave you ever wondered why the world hates to say the word diarrhoea.

I was on the phone to my dad today, telling him that Marly-Kate has been poorly with sickness and an upset tummy aka diarrhoea.
It hit me that ever time I have to talk about it I never use the right word, I always change it to upset tummy, green apple splatters, the runs etc etc.
So why is that?
Why can’t I and other people say the dreaded word diarrhoea!!!

Are we so anal that one simple word makes us blush and feel uncomfortable even ashamed.
When really there is no reason what so ever to be, it’s just a word.

I guess it’s the same with women who break wind in front of people.

A few weeks ago, my sister, lifted her leg and farts on her sort of boyfriend.
He laughed, of course he did, it was funny.
You don’t see many women do that.
Brett’s cousin, turns around and bites my sister’s head off.
Told her she’s no lady and women shouldn’t break wind. She went on and on for about 10 minutes.

So why is that, why is it ok for guys to fart as loud as they want, when they want.
So why can’t we?
Why do we hold it in, giving ourself tummy ache and making ourself feel really uncomfortable.
Are we so stuck in the past, that we still have to pretend that women don’t get wind.
Should we really feel ashamed by doing something so natural?

Life for women has changed so much, that we are nearly equals in the workplace, home and in everyday life.
So why is it that there are things that we still can’t do at ease, like fart, talk about sex, or say the God damn word diarrhoea.

We sure do live in a mad world.
Or is it a mans world


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