No point denying it, it’s here, there, it’s bloody everywhere.

imageWith Christmas around the corner, my tummy turns with dread, I hate Christmas more than ever now.
It’s the time of year your heart breaks over again for the people you can be with, for what ever reason.
The shops are already manic, as I found out today, and Christmas music is already playing, I’m surprised they have any staff left in January, think I would top myself if I have to listen to that for two months.
The ads are on TV, and ok some are very cute the first time around but really do we need it pushed in our faces at every break, we know it’s coming, stress is building up to what to buy people who already have everything they need.
And where do we find the money from, most of us only get by each month, now we have to find extra money for pressies and a mountain of food that won’t get eaten and if it is, we will all moan about the weight we put on.
On top of that, the dreaded works do.
God we can’t wait to get out of work, why do we want to spend a night with people we have no time for normally, but give us a few drinks and they become your new best buddy.

So this year I’m doing something a little different, I’m avoiding the shops as best I can. Shopping on-line has to be the way toward.
Waiting in by the fire for the post man, sounds like so much more fun, well right up until Christmas Eve, when you still are waiting for the important pressies to be delivered.
No worries though, you spend most of Christmas Eve stressed out chopping veg and cooking, at least you can give the postman/women a nice bonus of your burnt mince pies or anything else that the dog even turned his nose up to.
Anyway I have decided that I’m going to make most of my pressies.
That way they are all special, all thought about and all made with love.
Was going to say cheaper to, but who am I kidding, craft stuff is not cheap.
I went to buy a ball of wool the other day, it was only 100g. Was thinking about £5 max.
£10.95 the con-artist wanted for it, so she can stick that right up her jumper, I’m sure she didn’t knit her own at that price, lol.

Anyway I’ve made this really cute pressie for my 12-year-old cousin, and then I had a thought, would I have really liked a hand-made gift at 12?
Now all I can think of is that.
Will she be disappointed?
Will she see, the hours of hard work and love that went into it.
Or will she be a little madam and just throw it aside like it means nothing?
Guess I’m going to have to wait and see on that one.
But this voice keeps telling me to buy her something else to protect myself from the blow when she hates what I made her.

I really hope it doesn’t end like that, but have a funny feeling it may.
Will I be able to hide the fact that it will hurt my feelings?
See Christmas is one great big pain in the butt.


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