Love is saying.

imageLove is saying,
“I love you even if you’re in a different town, I love you if you’re across the seas and I love you if you don’t love me.”

Our true nature is love and by trying to move away from love, by saying that we want to give up because we’re hurting, we slowly but surely move away from who we truly are.
We move away from our true nature, drifting away and feeling more and more disoriented, disconnected and confused.
The biggest mistake anyone can make is to give up on the one you love, you’re be given up on yourself and life.

How can you give up on something that’s in you?
How can you give up on something that is YOU?
By giving up on your one true love, you give up on yourself and you give up on life.

Without that love there’s nothing left.
Nothing worth having, nothing worth doing.

A life without loving your soul mate, is a life empty of meaning.