I’m sorry.

I wanted to say sorry to you for neglecting my blog.
I know your waiting to hear about last Saturday night and how I got on.
Life is manic at the moment, I don’t seem to get 5 minutes to think.
I have so much to do and so little time.
The story of everyone’s life this time of year, I know.
On top of that the nasty flu bug has hit me and Marly-Kate, so on top of the normal Christmas stress, I still have pressies to make and have to nurse MK and myself.
No sleep, is now getting to us both and it’s not really a happy household.
She normally is my ray of sunshine, who stops me from letting life get on top of me, but she’s lost her glow and joyful ness.
It’s really knocked her for six.
And me if I’m honest.
So I’m sorry for not staying on top of the blog. I promise I will tell all about the last few weeks soon.


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