The perfect moment.

imageDo you ever take a photograph and think it’s a really great shot, then look at it in photoshop and think “well I was wrong”?
Sometimes I feel like every photo I’m taking is exactly the same as the one I took before.

Considering I’ve been lugging round an SLR since like forever, I’d expect to be a little bit happier with some of my images then I am but I’m guessing that just snapping away on my phone isn’t the best way to get that one incredible photo.

But is it?

It shouldn’t be about what you take the photo on or how much effort you but in, it should be about what you feel at the time of taking that rushed shot, that you grabbed your phone for.
It’s the moment that matters.

Isn’t that what’s important?


So why do I feel the need to do better, to fall in love with the passion of capturing light, love and life.

I know I can do it, it’s one of the few things I’m good at.
I wouldn’t say great at but I know my stuff and I can picture the perfect photo in my mind, but maybe just maybe my mind’s eye sees things as much more perfect, delicate, magical and light than what it really is.


I use to always take photographs with no idea of what I want to capture, something just clicks in me and I see something that enlightens me. I really need to relax and trust my instincts, have faith in myself and let passion build in me again. Find a love for life again.

Today though I realised that it’s ever so hard to capture a feeling. Isn’t that what a photograph is after all, capturing the perfect memory.