What is left…….

imageMy life seems to become this quest for all the philosophical questions that no-one can give me a concrete answer to.
My thoughts struggle to form coherently and I feel like I’m throwing words out there and hoping they come back in a succinct sentence.
As no words can sum up my feelings, my love and my soul is lost in a maze of hope, dread, questions and emotions.

My hopes, my dreams, my thoughts now drown in sadness.
I feel as I have nothing left of me.

I gave away my soul the day I fall in love, making me 100% complete.

Our love was biggest part of my soul, the part that completed me, the most amazing part, that I found when love blossomed and gleamed so brightly.
Only to disappear when he did. Leaving me not even half complete.

And here is the mess of what is left behind, me.


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